DIBS Payment Window API

DIBS provides a number of API´s, giving you full flexibility to design your own transaction handling flow and the related processes. You can also use our transactional API´s to automate your manual transaction handling processes.


The authorizeCard service performs the first part of a credit card transaction (the authorization). The authorization includes e.g. credit- and debit card control and reserves the required amount for later capture. Please contact your acquirer(s) if you would like to use this API, since they might require a PCI certification.

The second part of any transaction is the capture process (e.g. captureTransaction). Usually this action is performed when the goods are shipped to the consumer.

This cancelTransaction service cancels an authorization, provided that the acquirer supports reversals. The acquirer system automatically releases any reserved amount.

The refundTransaction service performs a cancellation of a captured transaction and transferred the money back to the card holder’s account.

The service performs a credit- and debit card check and saves the credit card information for recurring payments.

The service requires:

  • Recurring agreement with your acquirer (e.g. NETS / Euroline)
  • DIBS Recurring payment agreement

You can make recurring payments using a ticket previously created either via the DIBS Payment Window (register card option) or using the AuthorizeCard service.

The service requires:

  • A recurring agreement with your acquirer (e.g. Nets / Euroline)
  • DIBS Recurring payment agreement
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